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News Archives - 2015

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2015 Orca News News, updates and events about the Southern Resident orcas,
orcas worldwide, and their habitats

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Current News

January 1, 2015 through December 31, 2015.

December 16, 2015, YET ANOTHER new J pod baby confirmed!

16 December 2015

(10/16/2015)Mother is J28, a twenty-two year old female Southern Resident Killer Whale in the Pacific Northwest.

New alliance has big goals for salmon, orca recovery

16 October 2015

(10/16/2015)The quickest way to progress would be removing four dams from the Snake River, which would open 140 miles of riverbed and 5,500 miles of upstream habitat for salmon, Garrett said.

Good news, bad news for Puget Sound orcas and salmon

6 August 2015

(07/21/2015)The drought plaguing the West threatens to wreak havoc on area salmon, which are a food source for the whales.

Activists sue Miami aquarium for captive orca Lolita's release

21 July 2015

(07/21/2015)Animal rights groups seeking the release of Lolita, a killer whale in captivity since 1970, sued the Miami Seaquarium and its parent company Palace Entertainment on Monday saying her conditions violate the Endangered Species Act.

Appeals Court Sides With Seaquarium In Lolita Fight

22 June 2015

(10/30/2014)Animal rights groups have lost another round in court in their efforts to free Lolita the killer whale from the Miami Seaquarium.

Lolita has lived in captivity at the marine park since 1970. In 2012, the Animal Legal Defense Fund and other groups sued claiming the tank that holds Lolita violates USDA standards and there Seaquarium’s license to operate under the Animal Welfare Act should not be renewed.

Now endangered, captive Florida orca clears a hurdle to freedom

4 February 2015

(10/30/2014)A push to free Lolita, a killer whale in captivity at the Miami Seaquarium for 44 years, inched forward on Wednesday when federal officials agreed to add her to the endangered species list.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) said Lolita belonged on the list along with her wild relatives. She was previously exempt due to her captive status.

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