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Web sightings report form is under re-construction. Sorry for the delay.
Please email reports to Orca Network at

Orca Network is based in Freeland, Washington, USA, at:

485 Labella Vista Way
Freeland WA 98249
(360) 331-3543
or toll-free at (866) ORCANET (672-2638)
or email Orca Network at

Or, fill out the form below and send to Orca Network:

* Only the first 5 fields are required.

If you are making a sighting report please fill in the additional boxes near end of the mail form to fill in a report on the sighting that you are reporting. Please fill in as much information as possible to make the report the best it can be! If you have photos please attach them.

Thank You!

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If you have photos - upload here:
What kind of whale was seen (orca, gray whale, etc.)?




How many were seen?
Location of Sighting. GPS Location or Lat/Long if possible.
What direction were they traveling?
If they were orcas, were there any males (very large fin on their back)?
What did they appear to be doing? (Feeding, Playing, Traveling, Etc.)

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