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Free Lolita Update 112

Lolita Update #112
Protest September 26th in Miami; SeaWorld for sale
September 23, 2009

Protest Saturday, September 26th at the Seaquarium

There will be a demo THIS Saturday, September 26th in front of the Miami Seaquarium from 12 Noon until 2 PM to protest against Lolita's horrible living conditions and to promote her retirement to a protected bay pen in Washington. Every last Saturday of the month will be a demo, same time, same place. Please pass the word on to friends and family.

Photo from the event

Here are some pictures of Lolita that I took September 13. She seemed agitated due to the heat and lack of attention and had what looks to be sunburn "lumps" on her face. I've never seen this particular trainer with her before and she seemed a bit scared of Lolita. She didn't do many tricks it was a very slow show, though she did come up to me three separate times before and after the show. In one particular picture she almost knocked the camera out of my hand with her rostrum. I hope she knows what we are trying to do for her.

You can check now and click pics then "free lolita" then page 4 for more pictures.

Thank you for all that you do!

Shelby Proie

Wall St. Journal reports
(Webmaster Note: Links Dead)

SeaWorld will soon have new owners,

who say...

"Indeed in the case of cetaceans, we have a clear stated policy of concern as to their suitability as display animals, and the company has never condoned the capture of these creatures from the wild for entertainment purposes, or indeed at all."

Blackstone Mulling InBev Amusement-Park Bid

September 23

Blackstone Group LP (BX) is looking into a possible deal to buy Anheuser-Busch InBev NV's (BUD) theme parks, a person familiar with the matter said Wednesday. InBev, which bought Anheuser-Busch last year, has been looking for months to find a buyer for theme parks operated under Busch Entertainment Corp. The amusement parks include SeaWorld and Busch Gardens.


Note: Blackstone Group owns Merlin Entertainments Group Ltd, the largest operator of amusement parks and other attractions in Europe, and the second largest operating globally after Disney.



Merlin Entertainments is committed to ensuring the best possible welfare solution for the dolphins that have come into our care and has, therefore, joined with the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society (WDCS) to evaluate all possible options for the future of the dolphins. We are aware that there is an ongoing debate about the viability of releasing captive cetaceans to the open sea, and so Merlin believes that all potential outcomes should be evaluated and considered.

To this end, Merlin has commissioned WDCS to undertake a feasibility study to evaluate all possible future scenarios, including rehabilitation, release and/or retirement of the dolphins to a bespoke natural facility or protected 'natural' retirement home. This project, coordinated by WDCS and involving global expertise, will ensure that the company has as much possible information on which to make a final decision on how best to secure the future for the dolphins currently in its care.

Much is going on to help bring Lolita home and to inform and advocate for her and her family Please consider a tax-deductible contribution to help Orca Network continue this work by clicking HERE. Thank you!

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