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Free Lolita Update 117

Lolita Update #117
After the Protest May 15
May 19, 2010

May 15, 2010 - International Day of Protest for Lolita

Lolita protest logo by Lauren Kimball

Never before has there been such an overwhelming expression of support for Lolita around the world. Most impressive is that the signs, comments, news items and videos show that Lolita's sad story is understood, and the real prospects for her safe retirement in her home waters are being explained by people who know what they're talking about.

This is huge. It's a new start to the campaign in cities and towns everywhere. I have no doubt Lolita thanks you all, and we at Orca Network certainly do. You are too many to thank individually, but the list of city captains below is a start. Thank you, thank you, thank you to all of you who were a part of the International Day of Protest for Lolita.

More on the protests, and some answers to important questions about Orca Network's proposal to retire Lolita in her home waters are HERE.

Some productive thinking on how to proceed legally to retire Lolita can be found HERE. We'll have more on legal and other actions in future Lolita Updates. Any way forward depends on the political and economic power of public opinion, so the Day of Protest has brought us much closer to bringing Lolita home.

We're planning the annual Penn Cove capture commemoration on August 8. This year marks the 40th anniversary of Lolita's capture so it will be a very special occasion.

See Lolita the Killer Whale at the Miami Seaquarium 1971 for a fascinating video made from Super 8mm movie footage taken of Lolita and Hugo at the Seaquarium in 1971.

Protests were held around the world on Saturday, May 15, 2010, for Lolita's retirement:

  • ALBANY, NEW YORK: Jessica Ryle
  • AKRON, OH: Rick Ashline
  • ATLANTIC CITY: Lynne Zonies
  • BALTIMORE, MD: Andrea Gauzza-Langlie
  • BELGIUM: Noortje
  • BERKELEY, CA: Wendy Cooke and Marritt Pike
  • BONITA BEACH, FLORIDA: Blakeleigh McEwan
  • BUDAPEST, HUNGARY: Tetiana Demchu
  • CHICAGO, IL: Niki Gianni
  • DENVER, CO: Lauren Kimball
  • FORT MEYERS/NAPLES, FL: Blakeleigh McEwan
  • FRIDAY HARBOR, WA: Debbi Fincher
  • HOUSTON, TX: Amanda Petrie
  • INDIANAPOLIS, IN: Leighann Shropshire
  • KEY WEST, FL: Kathy Watkins and Gina Gaft
  • MIAMI, FL: Shelby Proie
  • MINNEAPOLIS, MN: Christine Swedell
  • NE FLORIDA: Venus Hurst
  • NEW YORK, NY: Edda Ness
  • OLYMPIA, WASHINGTON: Pat Rasmussen
  • ORCHARD PARK, NY: Kimberly
  • ORLANDO, FL: Tommy Mason
  • PENN COVE, WHIDBEY ISLAND, WA: Howard Garrett and Susan Berta
  • PITTSBURGH, PA: Amanda Young
  • PORTLAND, OR: Rae Marie Wilson
  • ROME, ITALY: Ilaria Ferri
  • SAN DIEGO, CA: Hailey Bleau
  • SARASOTA, FLORIDA: Candace Gee
  • SEATTLE, WASHINGTON: Diana Comstock
  • ST. LOUIS, MO: Sarah Garvin
  • STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN: Ewakajsa Werngren
  • TOLEDO, OHIO: Amber Sadowski
  • TORONTO, CANADA: Bob Timmons
  • TRAVERSE CITY, MI: Bailey Hanson
  • VANCOUVER, BC: Rachel Palmer
  • VANCOUVER ISLAND: Tarah Millen
  • VICTORIA, BC: Diane McNally
  • WAIMANALO, HI: Torrie Cullins

Some of the many Facebook pages, blogs
and news stories about protests for Lolita

Lolita (Tokitae) spends most of her time just floating like this, up against walls.
This is clearly not healthy, and she could be safely retired in her home waters,
but the park's owners keep her captive for the daily revenue. Photo by Sean Jacob.

Some news stories about the protests
Websites and Facebook pages for the
International Day of Protest for Lolita

Much is going on to help bring Lolita home and to inform and advocate for her and her family Please consider a tax-deductible contribution to help Orca Network continue this work by clicking HERE. Thank you!

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