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Free Lolita Update 12

Lolita Update #12
June 18, 1999

Dear Friends of Lolita,

  • The demonstration at the Seaquarium on Sunday went absolutely swimmingly. About 20 people took part. With 7 giant banners and pennants flying we looked like 50. On Tuesday the Seaquarium staged a little demonstration of its own, in which some school kids presented letters saying it would be too dangerous for Lolita to leave Miami. That just makes it more of an issue for people to think about. It would not be dangerous at all, of course.

  • The next demonstration is set for Sunday, July 11, from Noon to 1:30 PM, in front of the Seaquarium. It keeps them on their toes to have a demonstration every month, and keeps the momentum going in a public way.

  • For those in South Florida, set your VCR if possible to record WB-39 TV on Sunday, June 20, at (gasp!) 6:30 AM. It's a talk show called "Between the Lines." I'm the only guest, but the hostess did a good job of impersonating Seaquarium staff. See us thrash about and clash our light sabers.

  • Next week the free weekly Miami muckraker newspaper New Times is scheduled to feature an article on the Lolita campaign. It's an in-depth investigative piece put together after two months of interviews and going back 20 years into history. I think they found more dirt on the Seaquarium than on the campaign. It'll be on the web, so I'll send out the address as soon as it appears.

  • An article called "Can Marine Mammals Go Home?" by yours truly is in the current Summer edition of Animal Watch, the national magazine of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA).

  • National Enquirer reports that more than 15,000 letters, some containing multiple coupons, have arrived and will be delivered to Senator Bob Graham of Florida. Sen Graham has already contacted the USDA to ask about the measurements of Lolita's tank. The on-line petition is also gathering cybersignatures at - please sign it. Other petition drives are underway in many locations.

    Thanks for all your fantastic support for Lolita's return trip to her home waters. The drum beat is getting stronger every day.

  • Much is going on to help bring Lolita home and to inform and advocate for her and her family Please consider a tax-deductible contribution to help Orca Network continue this work by clicking HERE. Thank you!

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