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Free Lolita Update 136

Lolita Update #136
Lolita on KOMO TV tonight
May 20, 2014

(Click on video above to see preview). Not since Lolita was captured in 1970 have there been so many new twists and turns in the debate over whether to return her home to her pod in Puget Sound, and such hope that she'll one day return to the Salish Sea. A comprehensive report about Lolita and the prospects for her return to her native waters will air at 11 pm Tuesday, May 20 on KOMO in Seattle. This special on Lolita by Jeff Burnside, KOMO 4 News will then be posted online at, then likely re-broadcast Wednesday at 4pm, 5pm or 6pm (to be decided Wednesday morning).

Here's an advance peek at KOMO's special story about Lolita the captive orca, including a visit to her proposed retirement home, interviews with Ken Balcomb, Howard Garrett and Lolita's former owner Art Hertz.

How You Can Help Lolita!

In the Free Lolita Update #135 from May 14 we apologize that there were some glitches in the links. The email address for Fernando Eiroa, President and CEO of Palace Entertainment got left out, and the link to comment on the Palace Entertainment website didnt' work. Below are the correct links.

Please contact Palace Entertainment and ask that Lolita be released back into the waters of her birth. Please be courteous and concise, and simply express your wishes for Lolita in a positive way. We are not aware of the intentions of the company, so this is to acquaint the new owners with the groundswell of public opinion in favor of Lolita's return to her home waters.

Fernando Eiroa, President and CEO
c/o Palace Entertainment
4590 MacArthur Blvd., Suite 400
Newport Beach, CA 92660
Email: Fernando Eiroa

or use the online comment form

SPRING FLING FOR LOLITA, May 24th in Chicago and on-line

Veronica Wolski and Tracy Brom Radford have gathered many, many amazing orca- and nature-related auction items from Lolita supporters all over the world. If you are in the Chicago area, or able to get there, join in on the fun! Details on the Dinner, Dance & Auction are at the link below for the SPRING FLING (Facebook link).

Can't get there? Check out the ONLINE AUCTION, and bid on over 300 cool whale and nature related items until May 26th.

Puget Sound Whales for Sale, by Sandra Pollard, due out in June

Here is the first public notice of Puget Sound Whales for Sale, to be published in June, by Orca Network volunteer, certified naturalist and Whidbey resident Sandra Pollard. Foreword is by yours truly, Howard Garrett.

We sometimes hear about the villians and the heros of the orca captures in the 60's and 70's but this is the first complete history of that brutal era that taught us so much about orcas and about ourselves. Puget Sound Whales for Sale will soon be available on the Orca Network online shopping page.

New ferry, the M/V Tokitae Celebrations

Washington State Ferries invites everyone to celebrate on board the new ferry Tokitae (TOE-key-tay), named in part after Tokitae, the original name given to Lolita, at the Clinton Ferry Dock, Whidbey Island. (We intend to call her Tokitae whenever she returns to her home in the Salish Sea.)

Tentatively set for June 8th, Orca Network will host a celebration of the launch of the new ferry Tokitae at our Tokitae Celebration at the Clinton Community Hall, 6411 Central Ave (at the top of the hill up from the ferry landing).

Food, drink, music, silent auction, and celebrating Lolita and her family, the Southern Resident orcas.

This will be Orca Network's Orca Month Kick-off Event - stay tuned for confirmation of the date, times, and more details soon!

Much is going on to help bring Lolita home and to inform and advocate for her and her family Please consider a tax-deductible contribution to help Orca Network continue this work by clicking HERE. Thank you!

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