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Free Lolita Update 150

March 15, 2018
Lolita Update #150
Lummi Nation in Miami to call for Tokitae's Release

BIG week in Miami for the Tokitae Team!
Lummi Nation and Orca Network representatives 
travel to Miami for a press conference with gubernatorial candidate and  former Miami Beach Mayor Philip Levine
Killer whale held captive at Miami Seaquarium is among Native American tribe's oldest and most revered relations
 Jay Julius, Chairman of the Lummi Nation (left) and Lummi Councilman Fred Lane (right), 
blanket Philip Levine (center), former Miami Beach Mayor and gubernatorial candidate
at Levine's Headquarters in Miami during a press conference March 13th.

The press event unfolded at Levine campaign headquarters today with a
Fred Lane, Lummi Councilman
wide range of local and national media present. The underlying message is that the Lummi Nation is wholeheartedly dedicated to bringing Tokitae home as a long lost relation, and to contribute to the public awareness and political will to protect and restore the salmon and the entire habitat of the Salish Sea. 

Former Miami Beach Mayor and gubernatorial candidate Philip Levine opened the event telling about his years of efforts to return the whale held at the Miami Seaquarium for 47 years to her home and family. 
former Miami Beach Mayor, Philip Levine

Levine was followed by Geoff Schaff and Dennie Gordon who played the high-impact trailer for their documentary on Tokitae now in production.
Filmmakers Dennie Gordon and Geoff Schaaf
Watch the Documentary Trailer here.

Jay Julius, Lummi Council Chairman
Lummi Council Chairman Jay Julius then thanked the Seminole and Miccosukee tribes for allowing the Lummis to come on their land,
and to make clear that the Lummis will bring Lolita/Tokitae home whatever it takes. 

Lummi Council member Fred Lane explained that Tokitae's abduction by the Seaquarium is much like the kidnapping of native youth to strip away their culture: and announced 
the 27-day, 9,000 mile Tokitae Totem Pole journey that will culminate in a two-day event in Miami on May 23-24.

A question and answer period followed with Howard Garrett answering concerns about the transport plan, possible disease issues, and the strength of Lolita/Tokitae's memories and membership in her family even after all these years. 

Howard Garrett of Orca Network with Jay Julius, Philip Levine and Fred Lane.

Native American actor Adam Beach then joined the event to offer his 
Jay Julius, Adam Beach, and Fred Lane
unqualified support 
for the campaign to reunite Tokitae with her native waters and family. 

Thank you to 
Julie Trimingham 
and Howard Garrett 
for these photos from
the March 13, 2018 Miami Press Conference  

                                                               ADDITIONAL VIDEO & MEDIA:
Miami ABC's Louis Aguirre's series on Tokitae
March 10 th  - Part 1
March 12th - Part 2
March 13th - Part 3

       We are so honored and thankful to the Lummi Nation for standing up to take the lead in the fight to bring Tokitae home.
We all agree, THE TIME IS NOW - for Tokitae, for her family,
and for the Salish Sea, Tokitae's home waters.
"She was ruthlessly taken from her family that lives in our traditional territory," said Jewell James of the Lummi Nation. "She is not an 'ambassador.' She is a captive and must be reunited with her family. It is our xa xalh xechnging [sacred obligation] to do this."
The killer whale, qw'e lh'ol' mè chen in the Lummi language, is one of the Lummi's eldest relations. The tribe has many songs, oral histories, and ancestral teachings about their spiritual connection, and their sacred obligation, to qw'e lh'ol' mè chen.
May Tokitae's journey home be swift and safe, 
and may it help spread awareness of and promote action for
healing the waters of the Salish Sea ~ 
for Tokitae, for her family, a
nd for all beings.
Stay tuned for more about the Tokitae Totem Journey in May  

The transport and retirement plan for Lolita/Tokitae:

Lolita banner

Much is going on to help bring Lolita home and to inform and advocate for her and her family. Please consider a tax-deductible contribution to help Orca Network continue this work by clicking HERE. Thank you!
Howard Garrett
Susan Berta
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