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Ride For The Orcas

John Carpenter (the well-dressed young man in the white slacks) in August, 1970, on the Clinton-Mukilteo ferry, looking over the rail of a flatbed truck at one of the captured orca calves - very possibly Lolita/Tokitae - from the infamous 1970 Penn Cove capture.
On June 24th John Carpenter and his daughter Olivia began riding their tandem bicycle across the country. As they ride from Seattle to Boston, they will be raising money and awareness for the resident orca whales of the San Juan Islands and Salish Sea. We hope you’ll follow them on their journey across the United States this summer!

Ride For The Orcas
details and map

All of us at Orca Network are so very thankful to John and Olivia and their support team for their incredible efforts to raise contributions to help Orca Network fulfill our mission to continue raising awareness of the whales of the Pacific Northwest, and the importance of providing them healthy and safe habitats. Orca Network connects whales and people in the Pacific Northwest. Projects include the Whale Sighting Network and Education Programs, the Retire Lolita Campaign, The Langley Whale Center, and the Central Puget Sound Marine Mammal Stranding Network.
-- Howard Garrett and Susan Berta and the Orca Network Board and Staff
Orca Network

John and Olivia prepare to launch their cross-country Ride For The Orcas.
RideForTheOrcas on Crowdrise
John (Tandem Captain)
Emily (Rig Driver)
Rebecca (Support)
Olivia (Tandem Stoker)

Come celebrate with John and Olivia Carpenter and their team as they kickoff their cross country tandem bike ride to raise awareness and money for the resident orcas of the Salish Sea.

Ride Kickoff at Golden Gardens - June 24th, 2017

10:00am - Meet near boat launch area at Golden Gardens
10:30am - Kickoff ceremony and dip our rear wheel
11:00am - Start riding via Burke Gilman trail to Oxbow Farm
12:00pm - Rest stop at Metropolitan Market at about mile 10
1:00pm - Rest and reconvene at Woodinville's Wilmot Gateway Park, at about mile 23.
3:00pm - Arrive at Oxbow and celebrate!

John is IT manager at the Madrona Group and is up to date on tracking devices and apps. To read about the high-tech wizardry the team is using, see Whale of a ride: Why this techie and his teen daughter are traversing the U.S. on a tandem bike

You can track John and Olivia daily by visiting Ride With GPS to see where they are and what kind of progress they’re making as well as average speeds and elevation.

Contributors to Ride for the Orcas include:

Puget Sound Restoration Fund donated $250.00
Alfred Fricke donated $100.00
Campbell, CA donated $50.00
Jeffrey Lynch donated $25.00
Sarah Crossman donated $100.00
Betsy Peabody donated $250.00
Bradford Axel donated $100.00
Elxizabeth Kallinsky donated $50.00
Matt McIlwain donated $100.00
Marjorie Hillback donated $50.00
Tim and Jenny Porter donated $100.00
Jolie Carpenter donated $25.00
Kelly Bidlingmaier donated $25.00
Tony & Ann Waltier donated $50.00
William And Janet Countner donated $340.00
Andrea Countner donated $40.00
Carmen Ey donated $100.00
Scott And Carin Jacobson donated $100.00
Landon Sach donated $50.00
Matt Talbot donated $50.00
Paul Goldberg donated $200.00
Scott Kirk donated $250.00
Leisa And Paul donated $200.00
Billy Ward donated $250.00
Patrick Corr donated $100.00
Raj Makker donated $25.00
Michael Rigler donated $50.00
Jerry Grinstein donated $25.00
Erich Gebbie donated $50.00
Enterprise Network Solutions, LLC donated $250.00
Lucinda 'Cindy' Lloyd donated $100.00
Kari Byrd donated $100.00
Eric Rose donated $100.00
Kathleen Pierce donated $200.00
Nasrene & Catherine Bushara Carpenter donated $100.00
Wesley Flinn donated $100.00
Bill Ruckleshaus donated $500.00
HS Wright III and Kate Janeway donated $340.00
Erika Shaffer & Amy Eggler donated $50.00
Anonymous donated $250.00
Paul B. Goodrich donated $250.00
Maria Karaivanova donated $50.00
Matt and Erika Witt donated $50.00
BR donated $100.00
Lisa, Madeline And Mia donated $100.00
Megan Marx donated $25.00
Jennifer Chambers donated $250.00
Perry and Kathie Falcone donated $75.00
Andrea and Scott Wenburg donated $40.00
Kevin Flynn donated $250.00
Collette Hull donated $25.00
Alice Ryder donated $250.00
Sue and Frank Countner donated $500.00
LauraLeigh Young donated $100.00
Ed and Deanna Carpenter donated $350.00
Craig Dowden donated $100.00
James Woodward donated $250.00
Jodi Gedansky donated $25.00
Ryan Metzger donated $50.00
Loressa Lau donated $50.00
Brent and Pamela donated $250.00
Reema, Julia and Jacob Ziadeh donated $30.00
Jodi G donated $25.00
Troy Chichos donated $250.00
Kevin and Carol McCoy donated $100.00
William Richter donated $100.00
Lisa Ye donated $100.00
Lena and Greg Klassen donated $50.00
Caroline Hudacsek donated $10.00
Susan Giordano donated $50.00
K_Remains donated $10.00
Dan Weld donated $250.00
Lauren McGuire donated $75.00
Cody and Leslie Martinell donated $50.00
David Sawi donated $250.00
Max Horowitz donated $100.00
Meridian Passage donated $50.00
Dan & Lys Burden donated $100.00
In Memory of Gretchen Mathers donated $50.00
Tom Alberg and Judi Beck donated $500.00
Darena Birk donated $50.00
Janet and Chris Beardsley donated $25.00
Leslie Spurr donated $25.00
Ben Colkitt donated $50.00
Jim and Cil donated $50.00
Clarius Group donated $100.00
Patti Gats donated $50.00
Rachel Desler donated $100.00
Molly Pengra donated $50.00
Will & Annjette Del Valle donated $100.00
Steve and Missy Manai donated $50.00
Tom & Carolee Mathers donated $50.00
Mary and Scott Richards donated $100.00
Fred and Cathie Wemlinger donated $25.00
Kaz Obrietan donated $50.00
Beth Hughes donated $100.00
Karen Cameron donated $100.00
Windchime donated $50.00
Susan Berta donated $100.00
Janet donated $25.00
Karen Johnson Carpenter donated $50.00
Wil and Annette Baumker donated $100.00
Pig Pig and Whale donated $100.00
Laura W. Stone donated $100.00
Greggs Family donated $25.00
Amy Kanai donated $40.00
Jennifer Fontaine donated $50.00
Becky and Rick Simpson donated $100.00
DeStefano Family donated $100.00
Shelby Carpenter donated $50.00
Bob and Connie Crossman donated $50.00
Lauren Tobin donated $30.00
Windchime donated $50.00
Maverick donated $50.00
Will and Taylor Countner donated $75.00
Lee and Bill Blume donated $100.00
Samantha Guijarro donated $25.00
Fran Dogen and Jundy Duncan donated $50.00
Karla Van Valkenburg donated $50.00
Ron and Debby Giard donated $100.00
Lindsay M. Bushee donated $25.00
Walt and Kathy Fricke donated $100.00
Nicole Devlin donated $25.00
Craig and Kristina donated $500.00
Ursina Amsler donated $50.00
Pam and Len donated $50.00
Martin and Nancy Thomas donated $50.00
Doug and Marybeth Bryant donated $50.00

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