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Salmon Activities

Classroom Activities and Projects

Here's an idea! A mural or poster project can be done by the students, based on the life cycle of the salmon, the relationship of salmon to the nutrient cycle, the importance of salmon in Native American and present-day cultures, or the Endangered Species Act. The mural or posters might then be displayed to educate other students or members of the public.

Here's an idea! Hold a town meeting in your classroom to discuss salmon related issues from as many points of view as possible. The meeting could focus on philosophical questions or a controversial issue such as the removal of a dam, and students working in groups of two or three could be assigned roles that represent various stakeholder groups that would be affected. The roles should be assigned so that points of view are somewhat balanced. Some possible roles might include: sport fishermen, public utilities that depend on the dam for electrical power, Native American tribes, loggers, farmers, environmental groups, government officials, etc. Students should research their roles and be prepared to represent them at the meeting.

Here's an idea! Raise salmon in the classroom to observe the early development stages in the salmon's life cycle. If this sounds interesting to you contact:
Bonnie Long
Dept. of Fish and Wildlife
600 Capitol Way N
Olympia, WA 98501-1091

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