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Salmon Videos

Videos And CD Roms

Desdemona's Splash! (Interactive CD Rom), 1997, $12, Conservation Technology Information Center, 1220 Potter Dr., Rm. 170, West Lafayette, IN 47906 (765-494-9555) - a game where the object is to make choices that will protect water quality.

Fresh Waters Flowing (Video), 1998, 20 minutes, $16, Adopt-a-Stream Foundation (425-316-8592) - explores the connection between humans and streams, revealing the links between human influences and the ability of a stream to support healthy biological communities.

Life Cycle of the Salmon (Video), 1999, 6 minutes, $10, Oregon Sea Grant (1-800-375-9360) - captures the remarkable life story of the salmon with memorable images that reveal the salmon's world, often from their underwater point of view.

Return of the Salmon (Video), 1995, 33 minutes, $25, Oregon Sea Grant (1-800-375-9360) - describes the status of salmon, their reliance on healthy watersheds, the historic causes of the current decline, and recent efforts to restore the fish to their native streams.

Salmon on the Brink (Video), 1998, 17 minutes, KCTS-Channel 9, available in most libraries - program looks at the history of the salmon situation and the potential impact of the Endangered Species Act listing of Chinook salmon on Washington's economy.

Salmon, Restoring the Legacy (Video), 2000, 16 minutes, available by e-mailing or calling 1-877-SALMON -9 - a good overview of the issues at stake in salmon recovery under the Endangered Species Act.

The Sound (Puget Sound Multimedia CD Rom), 1997, Applied Physics Laboratory, University of Washington, 1013 NE 40 , Seattle, WA 98105.

Sport Fish of Washington (CD Rom), $5, Washington Dept. of Fish and Wildlife Ecosystems Education Program (360-902-8310).

The Streamkeeper, starring Bill Nye "The Science Guy" (Video), 1996, 27 minutes, $19.95, Adopt-a-Stream Foundation (425-316-8592) - a video companion to The Streamkeeper 's Field Guide, designed in three parts to teach viewers about watersheds and to motivate them to get involved.

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