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Photo by Susan Berta
Puget Sound Land-Based
Whale Sighting View Points

Access our google map HERE.
Chart of Sightings by Species by Month

With BIG thanks to Thorsten Lisker for researching, designing, and building this incredible map and the printed handouts for participants at the Orca Network Sightings training at the Langley Whale Center Sept. 27. (If you are interested in attending the next sightings training please contact Orca Network.)

There are four ways to report whale sightings:

1. Email Orca Network at;

2. Visit the Orca Network Facebook page
and post a comment on a sightings thread or Posts by Others;

3. Go to the Orca Network Contact Page
and fill out your sighting report in the form provided; or

4. Call 1-866-ORCANET

Be Whale Wise Guidelines
In our excitement, we sometimes forget that our presence has an effect on wildlife and their habitat. Just like us, marine animals need space to find food, choose mates, raise young, socialize and rest.

To report harassment of whales in US waters, call NOAA Enforcement: 1-800-853-1964;

In Canadian waters, call DFO's Violations Hotline: 1-800- 465-4336

Report the boat name &/or a description of the boat, & get photos if at all possible.


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