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Ways of Whales Workshop

Orca Network Ways of Whales Workshops

Ways of Whales 2020

Here are the individual videos:

#1 - Dana Lyons 'The Great Salish Sea' - 13:51

#2 - Orca Network - Appreciation, Tokitae, Snake River Updates - 22:24

#3 - Cindy Hansen - Chehalis River Issues - 8:42

#4 - London Fletcher w/Orca Research Trust - Leopard Seals - 50:21

#5 - Erin Gless w/Island Adventures - Happy Whale App - 38:49

#6 - John Gussman w/Double Click Productions - Elwha River Salmon - 17:03

#7 - Monika Wieland Shields w/OBI - Bigg's Transient Killer Whales - 54:27

#8 - In Remembrance of Connie Bickerton - 7:50

Coming soon: Dr. Deborah Giles with scat-finder dog Eba and fecal studies research.

Ways of Whales brings together the best researchers in the region to discuss cetaceans of the Salish Sea, how they are faring, and the latest research and actions to help cetaceans, their prey and their habitats.

This workshop is for anyone who loves whales and wants to learn more, with each session covering a different topic/species, and all presentations geared toward a diverse audience.

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