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Ways of Whales Workshop - 2014

Some of the 300+ engrossed in the day's presentations about interconnections between orcas and salmon. Photo by Jill Hein.

Ways of Whales 2014 on Whidbey Island!
"Saving Iconic Pacific Northwest Species"

Saturday January 25, 2014
9:30 AM to 4:30 PM PST

Southern Resident Orcas and Salmon The 2014 Ways of Whales workshop focused on endangered Southern Resident orcas, and the endangered salmon they depend upon for survival. The day featured presentations by the region's top orca and salmon experts and advocates, with a panel discussion to wrap up the day. Our hope is to begin a dialogue that will lead to effective partnerships and actions to save these species so central to the ecosystems, identity and culture of the Pacific Northwest.

Presenters Included:

Ken Balcomb, Center for Whale Research
Lynne Barre, NOAA Fisheries NW Region: Southern Resident Orca Recovery
Joseph Bogaard, Save our Wild Salmon
Brad Hanson, NOAA Fisheries NWFSC: Southern Resident orca diet research
Jim Lichatowich, author of Salmon, People and Place
Howard Garrett, Orca Network - Lolita and Blackfish updates
Orca - Salmon Video by Florian Graner, SeaLife Productions
An Orca/Salmon Panel discussion will conclude the day

Environmental education displays and a silent auction were available in the lobby, and networking during breaks and lunch is encouraged.

A note for teachers: Up to 7.5 Clock Hours available on site for this workshop through Heritage Institute instructor Chris Cunningham!

Videos of Ways of Whales 2014:

Introductions and Dana Lyons

Howard Garrett updates some current news

Howard Garrett introduces the themes of the day's talks

Jim Lichatowich talk

Jim Lichatowich Q&A

Intros of organizations

Ken Balcomb, No Fish No Blackfish

Joseph Bogaard

Florian Graner introduces his video

Beneath the Salish Sea video by Florian Graner

Jeanette Dorner intro

Rich Osborne intro

Lynne Barre intro

Panel discussion

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