A Review of the Releasability
of Long-Term Captive Orcas


Pod in procession
<BR>© David Ellifrit
Pod in procession © David Ellifrit


      1. Introduction

      2. Survival rates in captivity

      3. Precedents

      4. Disease issues

      5. Foraging ability

      6. Social systems and bonds

      7. Communication

      8. Consciousness and memory

      9. Emotions

      10. Conclusions

      11. Recommendations

      12. Bibliography


        Appendix A - Facts About Lolita and the Species Orcinus Orca

        Appendix B - List of Cetacean Releases

        Appendix C - Bibliography of Cetacean Releases

        Appendix D - Population Chart of Southern Resident community (Lolita's extended family)

        Appendix E - Field Guide to the Southern Resident community

        Appendix F - IWC Special Report 12 Abstract (longevity in the wild)

        Appendix G -Known Distribution of Captive Orcas