February 2007 Whale Sightings

February 25, 2007

We received a 3rd-hand report from the Whale Museum through the Center for Whale Research, of a sighting of J pod in San Juan Channel heading south toward Pt. Caution at 9:30 am. No further sightings were reported - another disappearing act!

February 24, 2007

Two Gray whales, 11:00 am, between Chito Point and Sekiu River, heading east. One whale was hugging the outside of the kelp bed at low tide in not much water. The other whale was farther out and circling in the feeding spot identified last year. They're Back.........
Pat Ness, Chito Beach Resort, Strait of Juan de Fuca

February 16, 2007

At about 2:30 I was on the Tsawwassen ferry heading over to Duke Point when a pod of about 40 Pacific white-sided dolphins came along side the ferry.
Veronica von Allworden, Langley, WA

February 15, 2007

One gray whale, outside kelp bed, slowly heading west, 5 pm, seven miles west of Sekiu (Strait of Juan de Fuca).
Pat Ness, Chito Beach Resort
Ron Bates of the Marine Mammal Research Group called to relay a report of 12 - 18 orcas heading south off Enterprise Reef in Swanson Channel, this side of Active Pass at 4 pm. It's very likely this is J pod making their way back south - maybe they'll show up for us again Friday - let us know if you see them!

February 14, 2007

Orca off OR Coast: sighting report below from CGC STEADFSAST off the Central Oregon coast. SIGHTED 01 ORCA TRANSITING IN NORTHERLY DIRECTION, POS: 44-00N 124-14W. UNABLE TO DETERMINE IF MBR OF POD.
Brian Corrigan, USCG

February 8, 2007

Many thanks to Marti Tilley for her call at 11 am, describing a large pod of orcas including a large male with a wavy fin (J1!), in Swanson Channel BC, heading NW past Mouat Pt, N. Pender Island, stopping to do some feeding back & forth. Our first J pod report since early December - yippee!!! I called the Center for Whale Research, & they contacted Capt. Jim Maya to take them up to take a look. At 12:55, they left the pod at the top of Navy Channel, heading slowly north, possibly heading up to Active Pass. Dave Ellifrit of the Ctr. for Whale Research confirmed it was J pod, & all members were present. See report with great photos of J1 and J2 from the Center for Whale Research.




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