Graph below shows data collected from tag placed on transient male orca stranded at Dungeness Spit January 2, 2002

Brad Hanson, who attached the tag to the male transient orca at Dungeness, writes:

I have not had a chance to look at it all but plotted out a few hours from the last day, which was early Sunday morning - there is enough memory for about 3 days of data. So far it shows a very consistent pattern of a 2-2.5 minute dives to about 20-25 m followed by 7-11 short dives within a few meters of the surface. He was traveling at a consistent 2-4 mph. So we can now conclude that it is very likely I did hear the signals on 6 Jan (tag was beeping when I picked it up from Ken) off the coast SW of Neah Bay.

M. Bradley Hanson, Ph.D.
National Marine Mammal Laboratory, NMFS, NOAA

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