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Letter to the Editor Help

How to Write a Letter
to the Editor or to public officials

By writing letters to newspapers or to public officials, you accomplish many important goals at once.
You get local, state or federal officials, other volunteers, citizens and the media more informed and invested in efforts to help restore orca habitat.

Write your representatives

You provide the facts and set the tone for a favorable editorial from your local paper when they begin receiving multiple letters from their readership urging protection for orcas. Here are some points to remember when writing an LTE. Start a letter now!

PETA also have a wonderful page with tips for writing the editor. You can view it here!

List of Washington Daily Newspapers
Or, one click starts a message for a Letter to the Editor (of 7 papers): Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Seattle Times, Seattle Weekly, Olympian, Spokane Spokesman-Review, and the Bellingham Herald. (A copy of your letter will also be sent to Orca Network.)

Seattle Times: 200 words, full name signature, phone number
Letters Editor
The Times
P.O. Box 70
Seattle WA 98111
Fax: 206-382-6760

Points to remember when writing
a Letter to the Editor:

  • Keep the letter as short as possible. Newspapers generally don't print anything over 200-300 words (each has its own specified limit).
  • Stay on message. Remember that we are trying to talk to people who don't know much about the issues, not other orca activists.
  • Keep it local. Use examples of threats to orcas, like salmon depletion and PCB contamination.
  • Talk about clean water, wildlife, salmon, old-growth forests, and of course, orcas.
  • Own it. Include your name, address and daytime phone number when you send you letter, or it will not be printed.

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