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The purpose of Orca Network's Whale Sighting Network and Education Project is to encourage observation and increase awareness and knowledge about the Southern Resident Community of orcas (J, K and L pods), and foster a stewardship ethic to motivate a diverse audience to take action to protect and restore these orcas' critical habitat.

The orcas' steep population decline of 20% from 1995 to 2001 is a reflection of the problems and issues facing the greater Puget Sound marine and watershed ecosystems: declining salmon runs, PCB contamination, and the effects of a rapidly increasing human population including habitat loss and resource depletion. Through a volunteer Whale Sighting Network, sightings and observations of this orca community are gathered and disseminated to researchers and volunteers, and posted on our website.

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January 20

Wed, Jan 20 - Haro Strait - A spectacular finish to an amazing, historical day. The Southern Residents even came to celebrate with us! I know we still have so much work to do to save them and it won't be easy. But today, it just feels a little more achievable. -Cindy Hansen, Orca Network

15:34 - Southern Residents are chatty on the Lime Kiln hydrophone! 3:34. -Meg Sellers

15:10-16:00 - 7-9 members of J-Pod, including 3 large males, southbound 1/4 mile south of Edwards Pt/ Landbank. They were spread out with one group of 3 traveling tight for a short time. They were 1/2 mile out from my position on shore. J22 Oreo, J26 Mike, J45 Se-Yi-Chn and possibly J46 Star. They surfaced infrequently and didn't rise high out of the water. Still... J-Pod! Photos very cropped and enlarged. -Michelline Halliday, SJI
(J45 Se-Yi-Chn confirmed by Sara Hysong-Shimazu) [J46 confirmed by MP)

14:53 - Just heard a vocalization on the LK hydrophone at 14:53 - couldn't tell ecotype. -Monika Wieland Shields, Orca Behavior Institute

14:48 - Orcas off the Land Bank headed down island. Now red RIB with them. -James Mead Maya

13:48 - Acoustic detections at Orcasound Lab hydrophone (5km north of Lime Kiln) at 13:48, including one clear S16. So, that confirms southbound this afternoon, thus far, on a strong ebb (~2kt peak). -Scott Veirs, Orcasound

HUMPBACK WHALES - Wed, Jan 20 - San Juan Islands - 10:31 - Single humpback in San Juan Channel headed south almost to Mineral Point just now. -Melanie Nakashima

Wed, Jan 20 - Discovery Bay - 10:31 - [humpback] It was in yesterday also in the same area. I first saw it just off Gardiner heading towards Contractors Point moving slowly. Watched it (think there was just one) for about 2 hours. Hung out by Contractors Point for quite a while then on way out I saw it blow again around Gardiner's bluff and never saw it again. Today it seems to be going back and forth between those two places. Moving very slowly, blows and then dives - about 8-10 minutes later the same. Way too far for me to get a photo as I am at Beckett Point. -Karel Reeves

January 19

BIGG'S/TRANSIENT ORCAS - Tue, Jan 19 - West Vancouver Island (T28As) - ~10:00 - Orcas in the Ucluelet inlet this morning around 10am….looks like they took down a sea lion [T28As per Valérie B Messier, and Sidney Dixon (Strawberry Isle Marine Research Society)] -Selby Wilkinson Field Naturalist of VI page (PM from Robin Alex Schaefer)

Tue, Jan 19 - Strait of Juan de Fuca (T85s) - 10:59-12:10 - Center for Whale Research Encounter #4: " … They aimed southeast of Trial Island and before long picked up two distinct male dorsal fins on the horizon, along with a couple more blows between them. They slowed and began the encounter at 1059 (48 22.8/123 17.1). From a distance, based on the group composition and time of year, Mark and Joe had hopes that the animals would be the T085s. As they approached the southernmost killer whale, they were able to confirm T085A! …" [See CWR Encounter #4 for full summary and more photos]

HUMPBACK WHALES - Tue, Jan 19 - Discovery Bay - For whatever it's worth, I thought for sure I saw two blows yesterday afternoon [01/19/21]. One and then another pretty quickly but nothing else! -Stacey Crofoot

Tue, Jan 19 - Haro Strait - At about 1320 today (1/19) I observed an adult humpback ~1/4 mile west of SJCP traveling north at a moderate pace. -Michelle Savoie

January 18

Mon, Jan 18 - Strait of Georgia - Jpod almost snuck by this afternoon in the Strait of Georgia! A little flicker of light in the distance made me grab my binoculars, which led into discovering Jpod spread out from the Gulf Islands to Point Roberts. -Rachelle Hayden (SSOS)

HUMPBACK WHALES - Mon, Jan 18 - Haro Strait - Noon today at Lime Kiln, my first [humpback] whale sighting of 2021. -Talia Weiss

January 17

HUMPBACK WHALES - Sun, Jan 17 - Discovery Bay - 16:20 - [humpbacks] Spotted out by Gardiner Beach at 4:20. We and other neighbors have been seeing it consistently for the last two weeks. Two weeks ago there were two, one larger one smaller. But for at least the last 10 days we've only seen the smaller one (presumably the same but not sure). Our sightings over last 10 days have been from the east shore, with the whale very close to west shoreline, generally swimming back and forth between Kalset and Contractor Points but sometimes a bit more north towards Gardiner Beach. -André Wilson

12:30 - 2 or three humpbacks in Discovery Bay January 17. First sighted along western shore at 12:30 heading out of bay but then they turned around mid-point and headed back into the bay. They are traveling slowly and feeding. First sighted only one about mid bay in front of Beckett Point. Next opposite Beckett Point we saw 2 or 3 blows then rolling with the tail finally coming out of the water. We watched 2 or 3 (we could not tell from how close the blows were) blow then roll - saw dorsal fins and sometimes tail. They continued going out towards Diamond Point but then turned around and headed in again. They were on the opposite shore from me below Gardiner. Headed back towards Contractors Point then we lost them. About 2:00 one surfaced by rolling (did not see any blows) just off Beckett about mid-channel heading out towards Protection Island. We did not see 2 - only one and never saw it again even though we watched for about 20 minutes. No photos as too far away. -Karel Reeves

January 16

HUMPBACK WHALES - Sat, Jan 16 - Discovery Bay - 13:55 - Humpback whale in Discovery Bay, north of Contractor Point near shore heading southbound. Viewed from east shore at Tukey Point. -Mary Bond and André Wilson

January 15

GRAY WHALES - Fri, Jan 15 - Saratoga Passage - 10:30 - Kathy Fritz called. While on the phone with friend who lives on the water at North Bluff, her friend was reporting seeing 2 gray whales (she saw the blows & backs) close to Hidden Beach close to Whidbey side heading southbound.

January 14

BIGG'S/TRANSIENT ORCAS - Thu, Jan 14 - Central Puget Sound (T124As) - It was recently confirmed from...distant eyepatch photos taken by Kelly Keenan and Brittany Philbin [see reports and photos below]...that young T124A3A is alive and traveling with his grandmother's (T124A) and great aunt's (T124D) families after losing his Mum in November. For more information on how individuals in this population have been tracked up and down the west coast of North America by scores of data contributors using photo-identification for several decades, please see our 2019 photo-identification catalogue developed in partnership with Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Center for Whale Research, North Gulf Oceanic Society, and Strawberry Isle Marine Research Society. Quarterly catalogue updates can be found here. -Jared Towers, Bay Cetology

17:10 - Transients moving south from 3 Tree Point to Point Robinson. -Julia Mates

17:06 - [orcas] Saw two heading south on the north side of Three Tree Point... What a magical sunset. -Megan Hansen

16:50 [orcas] Spotted one SB closer to Burien side across from three towers south of Dilworth. Viewing from Seahurst off 150th Street. -Cindy Eckes Waddington

16:05 - [orcas] Some passed south of Fauntleroy ferry terminal about 4:05. -Roxane Jackson Johnson

From Lincoln Park today. -Mitchell Nevi

16:03 - [orcas] Caught them at Lincoln Park. Passed at 4:03. Now through the ferry lanes. Still traveling south. ---We made a little detour to soccer practice this evening. My daughter and I made it to the beach just in time to see the family of T124A's travel by Lincoln Park. T124A3a (born in 2019) lost his Mom, Wasini (T124A3), in November. This bit of news makes their visit even more special knowing that T124A3a is surviving with his extended family. -Kelly Burns Keenan

15:46 - 1 male, 2 females, 1 juvenile milling back and forth about 1/2 mi off from Mee-Kwa-Mooks Park, West Seattle. -Peter Tutak

15:48 - Now see 4, different group, closer to WS side, slowly SB. Staying near surface. Should be great looks from Lowman, Lincoln soon.
15:40 - From Atlas Pl. SW, I see two orcas, looks like a female and male, swimming slowly SB probably just south of Restoration Pt. latitude, closer to WS side. -Trileigh Tucker

16:00 - 4+ spouts about 50m west of the buoy just north of Lincoln Park. appear to be stalled or circling.
15:38 - At least 3-4 orcas just west of Emma Schmitz. at least 3 leading, 1 trailing not too far behind, grouped closely. Possibly mother and calf in the lead? Heading south at moderate pace. mid-channel to closer to Alki side. -Russ Mann

15:31 - [orcas] I see two adults and a juvenile. Straight out from Me-Kwa-Mooks Park. Much closer to the W.Sea side than usual. Milling about. Lots of direction changes. Moving slow. -Sarah Sing

15:47 - 3 more approx. halfway between Lighthouse and Lincoln Park.
15:20 - One orca headed south from the Alki Lighthouse. -Patti Waterfall

15:28 - Two just hanging out parallel to the north Vashon. Two kayakers just north of them.
15:12 - I am south of Alki, orcas made it past Alki as well. 2-3 orcas heading south between Vashon and mainland.
15:05 - [orcas] Currently seeing them from W Seattle. Just south of Alki beach - SB. -Paul Steyn Benade

15:00 - Not sure they were orcas [yes, confirmed T124As. -gs] but pod of whales just passed by Alki heading west! 3pm local time. -Anna G.

18:13 - After reviewing my photos this group turns out to be T124As.
15:55 - Maybe closer to the ferry lanes now.
15:47 - Still north of ferry lanes. Milling of Me Kwa Mooks.
14:50 - Eyes on whales from Alki, south of Eagle Harbor. Midchannel. Repositioning then will get better count. -Brittany Philbin

14:45 - 2 Orca whales traveling south off Alki Beach. -Nicole Tobin Morris

~14:00 - [orcas] We saw 4 in a pod yesterday at a little after 2 pm from the bluff at Discovery Park!!! 2 boats were extremely close to them, too close! Orca were tail slapping. So awesome. -Roniq Bartanen

13:30 - I just wanted to report a sighting from today at 1:30pm, I saw a pod of at least 4 orcas at West Point (Discovery Park beach) heading South (closer to Bainbridge than to Seattle). They appeared to be feeding near Bainbridge for a while before they continued going South. I have no idea which pod they were, but they were really beautiful! -Ivy Arden

13:07 - There's a pretty big group of orcas just north of Golden Gardens, fairly close to the shore, heading slowly south right now. (4-5 in a close group and then a few more off by themselves. There was a lot of debris in the water that they had to navigate through.) -Kevin Green

UNIDENTIFIED ORCAS - Thu, Jan 14 - San Juan Islands - 14:10 - Small group of orcas milling in Cattle Pass, including one male. No definitive direction at the moment. -Monika Wieland Shields, Orca Behavior Institute

January 13

Wed, Jan 13 - Haro Strait (L pod) - 14:30-14:50 - 5 orcas southbound at Edwards Point. They were spread out curving away from me as they rounded the point. Later confirmed by Sara Hysong-Shimazu as L55 Nugget, L103 Lapis, L123 Lazuli, L109 Takoda and L118 Jade. All business, heading south. -Michelline Halliday, SJI

13:50 - 3 to 4 killer whales heading southbound at San Juan County Park about a quarter mile off shore. -John Boyd
["They're Ls. L55, L103, L109, L118, and L123 it looks like." -Sara Hysong-Shimazu]

Wed, Jan 13 - Strait of Georgia - 17:16 - Several orcas (slow moving, tail slapping observed) heading south past Comox. -Mark and Patti Perepeluk
[J38 ID: MP]

BIGG'S/TRANSIENT ORCAS - Wed, Jan 13 - Haro Strait - 12:55 - They grouped together again and calmly headed due west until out of sight. T-38A identified. 12:46 - 5 Bigg's transient orcas southbound, just south of Edwards Point/Landbank area. The 5 individuals were traveling together when at 12:51 there was a blur of activity. They separated, changed directing, accomplished a huge roll, a cartwheeling breach and a flurry of splashes flashing in the sun. -Michelline Halliday, SJI

Wed, Jan 13 - Penn Cove to Possession Sound - 16:20 - John MIller, WSF Marine Ops, emailed at 16:30 - Whale Sighting MUK-CLIN. 1620hrs, SUQUAMISH: Vessel reports via 800MHz 6 orca located mid-way between the terminals, moving in a SB direction.

10:55 - We watched for a long time and didn't see them leave. Last we saw headed towards the mussel floats on the south side of the cove.
08:33 - Orcas in Penn Cove this windy morning. Heading west past Monroe Landing. (One large male and at least two smaller ones.) It was my 8-year-old, Jonathan, who spotted them as we drove by. He yelled "Orcas!" Of course, I thought he was looking at driftwood... But there they were! It is always such a thrill. He was very proud...spotting them from a moving car in among the waves! --Geoff Kappes

January 12

BIGG'S/TRANSIENT ORCAS - Tue, Jan 12 - Port Susan to Saratoga Passage
15:51 - Marilyn has photos of T46D, other one does look like 46E but photo was slightly blurred.
15:30 - Reports at least 4 northbound Camano side mid channel near Camano State Park.
15:15 - Marilyn Armbruster reports large fin northbound midchannel Elger Bay. -Rachel Haight

12:30 - Sue Ehler, marine mammal monitor for WSF Mukilteo terminal project, called. Their last sighting was at 12:30 close to top of Hat Island. None of their monitors have had a sighting since. Monitors are positioned at Langley, new Muk terminal, old Muk terminal, on the ferries, (and Clinton?).

~12:30 - Spotted one headed south, just south of Camano, from Langley lookout ~1230. (Just saw the one porpoising a couple times right after emerging from behind Camano, headed toward Hat.) -Kalena Walker

12:30 - One orca southbound and out of Port Susan at 12:30. Headed west side of Hat Island. -Mary Miller

11:45 - John Storbeck reports southbound quickly off Tilicum Beach.
10:54 - Multiple people reporting. Now saying 3, one juvenile still southbound. -Rachel Haight

10:35 - Port Susan Whale Watchers is reporting an Orca off Country Club Mid Beach heading southeast Mid Channel....heading towards Warm Beach Snohomish County across Port Susan from Country Club. - John Storbeck, CWW

January 11

GRAY WHALES - Mon, Jan 11 - Saratoga Passage
16:30 - (getting a tad dark and nasty rain) viewing from southside of Baby Island, bank side, was out mid channel and in line of sight with Greenbank Farm. Again, southbound into Holmes Harbor.
16:00 - S/he was rounding Baby Island at green channel marker heading towards Holmes Harbor.
15:30 - [Gray] out mid channel slow travel mode Northwest bound. Viewing from mid Baby Island Heights, line of sight with Cama Beach.
14:16 - Gray whale mid Baby Isand Heights feeding. -Marilyn Armbruster

January 10

BIGG'S/TRANSIENT ORCAS - Sun, Jan 10 - Strait of Juan de Fuca (T60s minus T60D and T60E) - 11:51-13:18 - Center for Whale Research Encounter #3: "… Joe was the first to confirm that it was the T060 group less T060's second and third eldest sons, T060D and E. These two have intermittently dispersed from the family since August of 2019, around the same time T060G was born. …" [See CWR Encounter #3 for full summary more photos.]

GRAY WHALES - Sun, Jan 10 - Saratoga Passage - 15:45 - Appears to be leaving and heading north. Whidbey side of mid channel in the triangle of Fox Spit/Baby Island and Camano State Park.
15:20 - Pretty sure Little Patch [CRC53] again. Feeding east of Baby Island Heights. -Marilyn Armbruster
video -

UNIDENTIFIED BALEEN WHALES - Sun, Jan 10 - Possession Sound - 11:28 - Moving slowly west. Maybe 1/4 mile west of the green marker now, 11:28 am. Several sail boats in the area east of it.
11:01 - Whale blows spotted just west of the green navigational marker, west of the Everett Marina. I am assuming it is a single grey whale. -Greg Heiss

January 9

GRAY WHALES - Sat, Jan 9 - Saratoga Passage
16:45 - Officially has headed into Holmes Harbor. Viewing high bank southside of Baby Island. Line of sight with Dines Point a couple miles south of Greenbank. Eastside of mid channel south bound down harbour. Whidbey Peeps keep an eye out tomorrow.
16:16 - Northside of Baby Island near green channel marker heading southerly towards Holmes Harbor entrance.
16:00 - Nearing Baby Island viewing from high bank mid Baby Island Heights. Travel mode. West bound
15:45 - Marilyn Armbruster has been tracking Gray whale CRC53 "Little Patch" much of today, moving back and forth in Saratoga Passage feeding between private communities of Fox Spit and Bell's Beach. He is currently between Fox Spit and Baby Island heading northbound. -Marilyn Armbruster

HUMPBACK WHALES - Sat, Jan 9 - Discovery Bay - Follow up call with Sam McCulloch: He did see the humpback the day after his last report (Jan 8). Fluke possibly has a line across the right tip, which creates a white circle on very tip.

January 8

UNIDENTIFIED ORCAS - Fri, Jan 8 - Strait of Georgia - 13:00 - 3+ orca near Savary Island. They appeared to be hunting initially and stayed in the same general area for two hours. From there they continued north. Viewing from shore on Vancouver Island. -Patti Perepeluk

HUMPBACK WHALES - Fri, Jan 8 - Strait of Juan de Fuca - I just got a report of a humpback whale that has been hanging out in Discovery Bay for the past two weeks. Central west portion of the bay between Gardiner and Port Discovery. Photo by: Sam Mcculloch. -Fred Sharpe, Alaska Whale Foundation

Fri, Jan 8 - Haro Strait - 14:32 - [humpback] It's here now. Close to shore. Westside near Mitchell Bay/Mosquito Pass. -Mae Cannon

14:23 - Single HB heading north toward Henry Island about 1/4 mile out. -April Van Deventer

UNIDENTIFIED BALEEN WHALES - Fri, Jan 8 - Saratoga Passage - 16:20 - Allie Hudec called. She is down at Fox Spit doing some eelgrass work and just saw a fluke. Could be a gray, her neighbor saw gray earlier, but she thought looked like a humpback to her, but cannot confirm either way. Whale was mid channel, midway between Fox Spit and the point off Camano Island State Park, and appeared to be heading north. Will let us know if comes back around.

PORPOISE - Wed, Jan 6 - South Puget Sound - ~13:30 - Just reporting a large number of Porpoise today at Chambers Bay. There were 3 large groups spread out at about 1:30pm today. -Cherie St.Ours

January 7

Thu, Jan 7 - Haro Strait - 20:00 - I was listening to the Lime Kiln hydrophone tonight (Jan 06, 2021 at 8 PM) and would like to report that I can hear orcas. I'm pretty sure I'm hearing Js and I can hear s01 calls. I also heard some K pod calls a few min after I sent my original email, so I'm assuming Ks were traveling with Js again that night. -Katie McDermott

HUMPBACK WHALES - Thu, Jan 7 - Haro Strait - 14:45 - [humpback] Headed south from Lime Kiln at 2:45. -Dave Czaja

11:05 - HB off County Park about 1/4 mile headed up island. -April Ryan

Thu, Jan 7 - Strait of Juan de Fuca - 16:20 - [humpback] Whale sighted again in same location [as his January 6th sighting] by Contractor Point, spotted with scope & binos from south of Beckett Point. 4:20 pm Thurs Jan 7. -André Wilson

GRAY WHALES - Thu, Jan 7 - Saratoga Passage - 12:03 - Now it's cutting across Saratoga Passage towards Camano. 12:01 - Our gray is back again today feeding near the bluff on south Whidbey. Just a bit north of Sandy Point. -Luanne Seymour

January 6

Wed, Jan 6 - Strait of Juan de Fuca/Victoria Waterfront (Js, K13s, K14s) - 11:30-14:11 - Center for Whale Research Encounter #2: "… The encounter began a few hundred meters west of the "VH" buoy at 1130 (48 22.2/123 24.4). Two of the first whales encountered were J38 and K44, travelling side-by-side and confirming suspicions that the animals were Southern Residents. At the same time, there was an outbound container ship in the pilot station that apparently annoyed Mark and Joe more than it did the whales, as they cruised calmly alongside for a few minutes before it outpaced them and headed for sea. J40 was identified in a small group of females and juveniles which also included J41, J51 and J58. J37 and her youngster J49 were just apart from them with J31, J46 and J44. …" [See CWR Encounter #2 for full summary and photos]

HUMPBACK WHALES - Wed, Jan 6 - Haro Strait - Visit last night [January 6th] just before sunset. West side of SJI, just south of Snug Harbor. -Peter Van Deventer

Wed, Jan 6 - Strait of Juan de Fuca - 15:15-16:30 - Humpback whale pair sighted in Discovery Bay starting Jan 3 through Jan 6. Jan 6 sighting 3:15 pm - 4:30 pm on west side of bay south of Gardiner between Contractor and Kalset Points. -André Wilson

15:35 - Two Humpbacks again/continue in Discovery Bay. Same location [as Jan 3rd report]. -Mary Bond

GRAY WHALES - Wed, Jan 6 - Saratoga Passage - 13:25 - [gray] Just past the harbor now closer to Whidbey side of Saratoga Passage. -Luanne Seymour

Grey whale feeding just off shore near our farm [Chocolate Flower Farm] on Whidbey Island. [NW of Langley] -Marie Lincoln
video -

14:30-14:56 - Viewing from and ordered take home dinner from Village Pizzeria...watched gray heading north (slow travel mode) up Saratoga Passage. Currently Camano side of mid channel in between Langley and Bells Beach. looooong downtimes. Last post...beautiful afternoon calm waters...
13:25 - Mid channel out from Langley Marina heading east. He doesn't come out of the water much. I did note a small white patch ahead of his blow hole.
12:50-13:10 - Last half hr., 12:50 to 13:10, actively feeding north of Langley and out from Inn at northend. It has now 13:20 headed SE bound towards Camano
12:47 - Gray whale feeding north of Langley… -Marilyn Armbruster
["Great ID image. That's 53 Little Patch." -Alisa Lemire Brooks, Orca Network]

Gray whale in front of whale bell park right now 12:10 pm 1-6-21. -Durand Dace

05:45-14:00 - [gray] He's been eating in front of our house in Langley on Edgecliff drive for over 8 hours straight today. I heard him when I got up at 5:45am and he's still munching on the ghost shrimp now...almost 2pm. Hasn't moved more than 100 yards in any direction and blows every couple minutes. -Christy Grant

January 5

GRAY WHALES - Tue, Jan 5 - Saratoga Passage - 16:49 - Allie Hudec called to report her neighbor observed a gray whale passing Fox Spit heading towards Langley [southbound]. He's taken a picture so if she can get ID she'll let us know.

12:07 - [gray] …eating just north of Sandy Point, Whidbey in Saratoga Passage slowly heading northbound towards Langley. -Christy Grant

~09:15 - Grey feeding and travelling this morning off east side of the island, first saw them north of Comforts winery, then moved south past Hat and on to the ferry ... didn't get close enough to see markings. Seemed to be feeding a little deeper than they do in the summer; maybe trying to avoid some of the big lumber floating in the shallows? -Sean Nolan

January 4

BIGG'S/TRANSIENT ORCAS - Mon, Jan 4 - Strait of Georgia - 14:15 - Two orca travelling south very close to shore along Texada Island. First seen north of the Texada Quarry area. Viewing from shore on Vancouver Island. -Patti Perepeluk

January 3

BIGG'S/TRANSIENT ORCAS - Sun, Jan 3 - Strait of Georgia (T49A1 and T49A2) - 13:20 - Viewing from shore - two orca first sighted near the red can just south of Quadra Island. The orca continued north past Tyee Spit - Campbell River. [photos - T49A1 and T49A2 per MP] -Mark and Patti Perepeluk

Sun, Jan 3 - Haro Strait (T167s) - 10:26-11:25 - Center for Whale Research Encounter #1: "… Dave got a good enough shot of the mom to convince him that he had the T167s. T167A had sprouted since the last pictures Dave had looked at of him. The T167s have shown up a few times in the last several years (Mark just saw them on December 31, 2020) although they are not a common group in our area and Dave hadn't had a chance to see them yet. Dave had seen T167 herself several times back in the late 1990s up in Southeast Alaska when she still used to travel with T165 and T166. …" [See CWR Encounter #1 for full summary and more photos]

UNIDENTIFIED ORCAS - Sun, Jan 3 - Haro Strait/Eagle Point - 10:10 - Just got a report of more orcas off Eagle Point, 3-4 of them, milling 10:10. -Monika Wieland Shields, Orca Behavior Institute

HUMPBACK WHALES - Sun, Jan 3 - Strait of Juan de Fuca/Discovery Bay - 15:53 - Heading south into bay towards Mill Pt. 3:53.
15:45 - Now on west side of Disco Bay off Kalset Pt. 3:45p Sunday Jan 3. Two Humpbacks.
15:25 - One or two Humpback whales in Discovery Bay 3:25pm. Off Tukey Pt. -Mary Bond

~15:15 - First reports on Jan 3 came from Beckett Point with reports of a pair heading into Disco Bay. We spotted them around 3:15 as they surfaced very close to the east shoreline just north of Tukey Point in the middle of a baitball feeding frenzy by gulls and mergansers. They then moved west across the bay to the Gardiner side. We watched them until dark moving back and forth between Mill Point and Contractor Point. (Approximately the same area where we sighted them again on Jan 6.) -André Wilson

Sun, Jan 3 - San Juan Islands - 14:45 - Humpback in San Juan Channel by Turn Island. -Julie Gralow

January 2

January 1

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